I can help with all aspects of bringing your book text from draft to published. You can see details of my copyediting, proofreading, typesetting, and other services on my Services page.

Any type of written work can benefit from copyediting and proofreading, including books, articles, reports, marketing materials, and even emails.

The cost of copyediting and proofreading can vary depending on the length and complexity of the document, as well as the level of editing required. If you send me a message using my contact form, telling me what stage you feel your work is at as well as what budget you have, we can work out the best way for me to help you.

Once your book is finished, I can help you write a blurb, set up with a self-publishing service like Amazon KDP or IngramSpark, assist you with your metadata (such as keywords or pricing), and help you purchase ISBNs. See my page on Publishing services for more information.

You can, of course, use a word processing app to produce a document or PDF that you can upload to services such as Amazon. An experienced typesetter, however, will make sure your book is set up for the most professional finish possible … and, of course, will make sure the text looks beautiful! See Typesetting for more information.

You have three choices for your typesetting: our Express ebook-only package, a Pro package which uses one of my pre-designed templates for a speedy and cost-effective turnaround; and the most popular, the Deluxe package which offers you a custom design. Because I work with clients across the world, use my contact form to tell me your preferred currency and package choice, and I’ll get straight back to you with a quote. 

The process varies massively depending on what services you need. It can take anywhere from three working days for a basic, ebook-only layout project to four or more weeks if you would like me to give your book the full in-depth treatment. Contact me to get a personalised quote and process outline. 

At the end of your project I will send you an invoice which you can pay using a secure card payment system. I do not receive any of your card details, and the system accepts all major card types.

I can help point you in the right direction for other services you may need, including cover design and author web design. 

Great question! Of course, you have to know that you’ll be comfortable and confident when you entrust your hard work to me, and that expectations are set out clearly and met. I can offer a free, ten-page sample edit or deluxe layout; if you’re interested, visit my contact page and drop me a message.