Why should you write a book?

Better question: why shouldn’t you?

I spent a long time in school not knowing how to express my real self. I masked myself, trying to pick up cues from the other kids on what to do or say or think.

When I left school and started working, it was a little easier; there was less competition, and I could use a metaphorical hat, or persona. It’s work time; this is Work-Becca. But there were still few people with whom I could really express myself.

Things changed after my kids were born. I was a full-time mum and I gave writing a go. I’d written in school but left it in pursuit of a ‘real job’. This time I tried writing books. And I loved it.

Then my ‘real job’ became helping independent authors write and publish their own books. I have found self-expression, comfort, and escape through writing and creativity. I now get to work with authors because I want to help them find their own voice. Their own outlet.

Because what I’ve learned in 40+ years on the planet is that not only does every single person have their own voice, they have their own story. And more often than not, they bury that story deep within them.

Their story could be their life story, the story of a place they love, a romance novel, a legal thriller, women’s fiction, historical fiction, poetry, a business guide… I’ve worked on all of these, and more. And what every one of those authors has in common is that they decided to listen to the voice within them. Not the voice of the demon, telling them that they can’t write or that their story isn’t worth being told, or that they could never get published, but the voice that said that their story is worth sharing. Every one of those authors gets to hold their finished book in their hand, sign a copy for a friend, post on social media ‘I wrote a book!’

They have no common background. No common age, gender, job, nationality. They’re a former lawyer, a nursing assistant. Heck, we’ve even worked with a CNN anchor! Their only common factor is that they started… and they finished.

Don’t know how to publish? Get expert help.

Don’t know how to write? Get help – read books, look online, get a magazine.

Don’t know how to start? Get a notebook and pen and begin writing whatever is in your mind. Let it go wild!

I will do more posts on beginning to write books but for now, just listen to that still, small voice inside and see what it’s telling you.

And you’re not on your own. You can message me on Twitter or use my Contact page to get in touch if you have any questions.


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